Server Side Engineer
2+ Years Experience
PHP MySQL Ubuntu Nginx
Backend Architect
4+ Years Experience
PHP MySQL Ubuntu Nginx
Senior Android Developer
3+ Years Experience
Android Studio REST API GreenDAO Image Processing NDK
Senior iOS Developer
3+ Years Experience
Swift REST API Core Data Core Text Core Image Framework
Senior UX / UI designer
3+ Years Experience
UI/UX for Mobil Analytics Material Design Color theory Sketch / Photoshop / Illustrator
Stud Developer
\d+ Years Experience
Regex .+ .+ .+ .+
Senior Windows Mobile App Developer
4+ Years Experience
Windows 8 App Developement REST API Image Processing
Senior QA for mobile application
3+ Years Experience
Android / iOS / Windows Testing Test Automation

Job Perks

Cool Workplace Free Accomodation

We have a huge farmhouse with all modern facilities, Swimming Pool, Garden etc. where majority of the team lives, works and parties together just like our college days.

Free Accommodation Free Accomodation

Inside farmhouse in case you are still a bachelor or else we pay for your rent.

Food & Beverages Free Accomodation

We have 2 full time cooks to cater to your hunger needs. Free breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, midnight food and hot / cold drinks.

Flexibility to work from anywhere Free Accomodation

If you like to work from CCD or Starbucks, we will reimburse the bills.

Unlimited Holidays Free Accomodation

No limit on holidays if your weekly deadlines are met.

Sponsored Foreign Vacation Free Accomodation

along with your dear one in the events of company reaching a milestone.

Send your resume and nicely written cover letter to careers [at] bobbleapp.me